There are many things that one does not know, but they exist. In the Vedic astrology, the ancient scholars have revealed some stones and beads that can bring tremendous change to one’s life. There are many people who are trapped with financial and physical as well as mental problems and in such scenario, these beads can of immense help. One of such stones is known as Moonga stone which is known as the Coral Stone. There are two types of stones in Moonga, which are known as Red Moonga and White Moonga.

The stone:

The Moonga Stone is also known as Coral. There are two types of Coral stones. One is white coral while another is red Coral. It resembles the Planet Mars and hence as per the Vedic Astrology those who suffer from the evil effects of Mars should wear this stone in the form of a ring. Many people also wear it in the form of a pendant as well as a bracelet. The original Moonga stone is much known for its positive effects on the wearer. Those who suffer from various diseases due to poor immune system or blood should wear this stone as it can help to improve the immunity and purify the blood. In the modern life, many people struggle with various aspects of life and seek stability in business or job. For such people wearing of this stone can bring the blessings of Mars and help them to settle and stable the life. Those who belong to Aries, Scorpio and Pisces signs must wear this stone in any form. Usually one needs to wear the stone with a minimum weight to have expected gains. For this stone, the minimum weight is 5.25 ratti.

The quality:

To have the expected benefits one needs to wear the quality stone as a low or inferior quality stone cannot offer good result.  For the real stone, one needs to buy it from genuine sellers. However, in the open market, every seller claims that the stones he sells are original only and as a common man it is difficult for one to judge the reality. Hence, one needs to buy the Moonga Gemstone from the seller who can offer the certificate of originality only.

Before wearing the stone, it is recommended to have an opinion of an expert astrologer so that he can guide about the required weight and quality of the stone. People wear it in different forms, but ideally one should wear it in the form of the ring only. One must wear the ring with this stone on the ring finger. The ring in which the stone is fixed must be made of Gold, Copper or Ashtdhatu. One needs to wear it on Tuesday only. Before wearing the same one must chant the mantra of Mars as provided by the astrologer and do puja. There are many stores on the online portals also who sell quality stones with a certificate, and one can check the reviews of previous buyers before buying the stone.