Indians love to wear jewellery and possess gold. As gold is one of the favourite metal and form of investment in many households. In Astrology and Ayurveda, it is documented that various metals with various people can react into the body in a different way. However, gold is considered as an auspicious metal which exerts positive energy, brings warmth and soothing vibrations to the body. It heals many things.

Ideal jewellery for pregnant ladies

Various metal jewelleries are available in market but very few of them are recommended during pregnancy. One of them is Harmony Ball, originated from Bali in Indonesia. It is also known as Bola Necklace or Angel Caller. It is a chime pendant which emits a soft and audible chime sound with movement. It brings a sense of calm and harmony to the wearer. Thus, pregnant ladies and unborn baby in the womb get a relaxing and calming effect. Thus, best jewellery for pregnant women is Harmony Ball. In the country of Mexico, it is also referred to as Bola necklace.

As per the interpretation of the western society, the benefits of a harmony ball do stop during the stages of pregnancy. This does not make any amount of sense as the comfort along with the warmth of the baby needs calming? Personally, I do not think so as there is no reason for the baby to be stressed inside the womb. Stress in life begins the very day when we are born. This brings us to the question is it real beneficial to wear harmony ball during pregnancy.

How the harmony ball should be worn?

Pregnant moms wear this on a long chain or cord as the pendant can rests somewhere on her bump. With the movement of the body the pendant emits soft chime sound. This sound penetrates into the womb and relaxes the baby inside.

Benefits of the Harmony Ball

The baby after coming out of the warmth and comfort of the womb stressed with breastfeeding phenomenon. But when the baby listen the harmony ball’s chime sound the phenomenon becomes easier. As the baby is already familiar with sound which associated with warmth and comfort.

Making of Harmony Ball

Harmony Balls are easily available in market in various designs and colours. These are generally made up with sterling silver and gemstones. Silver and gemstones make it lovely piece to wear and store it for future use. Some ladies wear it simply for it beautiful designs and chime sound. They can also be worn with the birth gemstone. But one should be aware of the fake Harmony Balls in the market. The silver sterling and chime sound should be checked before buying.

Gemstones in jewellery during pregnancy

Not all gemstones can be worn during pregnancy with jewellery. But some gemstones and crystals are very fruitful during pregnancy as they can heal many issues during pregnancy. Some amazing gemstones and crystals are ruby, cuprite and garnet. Other red stones like mookaite, red calcite and red jasper are also good. These stones help the mothers to become grounded, centred and balanced.

Thus, jewellery during pregnancy can be worn but they should be chosen with caution. The jewellery which causes skin reaction and problems in body should be avoided. Loose jewellery made up of pure gold, silver should be worn.