There are a many types of bridal updos from which a bride can select for their wedding day. These kinds of hairstyles will look best on hair that is medium to long, even though a woman with short hair can have an updo look with the use of hair extensions added to her own tresses.

A bridal updos can be styled on both straight and curly hair, and an updo can be either sleek or loose. These kinds of wedding hairstyles are usually enhanced with accessories, such as crystal tiaras, flowers, hair combs, hair pins, and bridal veils. Common updos worn by brides can include buns, French twists, and curls pinned up at the back, or on top of the head.

More Detail on Buns and French Twists

A bun is an updo that highlights the hair being pulled back from the bride’s face and then being twisted and wrapped into a knot shape. For bridal hair in Perth, on thatspecial day, a bride may want a sleek bun with her hair pulled back snugly and knotted at the nape of her neck, or a loose bun, with hair piled and twisted on the top of the head. For a more extensive bun, the bride may choose to add hair extensions or use a professional hair styling tool called a bun roller, both of which will give the look of thicker hair. Either fresh or silk flowers can be pinned into a bun for some extra style.

What are known as “French twists” are traditional bridal updos, and look simply elegant. This kind of updo involves twisting the hair and pinning a roll of hair down the length of the back of the head. The ends of the hair are tucked beautifully under the roll. The hair can be either pulled back tightly, or teased at the crown of the head to add extra volume. With the added addition of a jewelled hair comb, the bride will certainly be drawingattention with this particular type of hair style.

Romantic and Sophisticated Curls

An updo with curls has become extremely popular, nowadays. This style of bridal updo is adjustable and the curls can be either tight or loose. When an updo with curls is being styled, the hair can be pinned on top of the head or collected on the back or the side of the head. An updo with curls can look very romantic or sophisticated, resting on the placement and tightness of the curls. Such hairstyles are frequently accessorised with tiaras, flowers, jewelled barrettes and hair pins.

Bridal updos are performed by experienced professional hair stylists. These experts will use hair products, hair sprays and bobby pins, which are all used to keep the style in place throughout the big day. A veil can be added into each type of updo, and can be done by the expert stylist at the time the look is created.

Make sure to look your very best on your very special day!